Imes blasts off with space deal

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Engineering business Imes has completed a space mission: the development of a sophisticated piece of technology that plays a key role in satellite launch operations.

It was awarded a contract to develop and manufacture complex equipment which accurately weighs new satellites during the critical fuelling process.

The mass measurement adaptor was designed and manufactured by a team of experts at the company’s Sheffield factory at Darnall Works, Prince of Wales Road in Darnall.

The contract with an unnamed global aerospace business, to provide one new system and upgrades to three existing Imes supplied measurement systems, was worth £350,000.

Calvin Youngman, technical manager, said: “It is imperative that weight and balance are extremely tightly controlled at all stages of the satellite build process. Minor discrepancies can lead to major issues relating to the satellite position and axis.

“The project highlights the capability of Imes to design and deliver high-end and complicated projects to aerospace and other high-tech industries.”