Ill winds bringing good luck to Gala

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High winds and bad weather have given a boost to Gala Tent , the Rotherham-based manufacturer of gazebos and marquees.

The Manvers business says demand for its gazebos from market traders has increased by 50 per cent in the past three months, compared with last year.

It puts the increase down to the number of poorer quality gazebos that have blown away or been damaged and had to be replaced.

“We’ve had some of the windiest weather recently since records began,” said founder and managing director Jason Mace.

“Market traders who have bought inferior quality gazebos have needed to upgrade, so they can be more confident that their stall won’t simply disappear with the wind.

“As well as supplying market traders themselves, we’re also working with a number of local councils to look at the opportunity to invest in high quality gazebos that help their traders to withstand the bad weather we have experienced recently.”

Gala says that customers have been opting for Gala Shade Pro models, designed to protect against bad weather.