Icelandic order puts city firm on Cloud 9

VeryPC's Peter Hopton
VeryPC's Peter Hopton
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Eco-friendly computer company VeryPC is predicting triple digit growth after winning a major order from Iceland.

The Sheffield company’s energy efficient Odium green servers had to pass stringent tests before being selected by Reykjavik-based cloud computing specialist GreenQloud to provide computing power for customers across the world.

Under the deal, VeryPC will supply GreenQloud with servers containing thousands of processors and data storage running into petabytes (each equivalent to a thousand million million bytes).

The contract comes after Iceland was ear-marked as potential world hub for cloud computing because of its cool climate, the availability of vast quantities of free, geothermal energy and the negligible risk of earthquakes or flooding, which threatens current word centres for cloud computing.

GreenQloud chief executive, Eirikur Hrafnsson, says his company chose VeryPC , whcih is based at the Parkwood Road Business Park, because its servers allow them to deliver services more competitively by cutting energy use and cost.

“GreenQloud chose VeryPC because of their understanding of our deliverables, sustainability commitments and costs,” said Mr Hrafnsson.

VeryPC’s Peter Hopton said his company’s key strength was its ability to use its unique and patented technologies to make energy savings across all computer equipment.

“Cloud computing operators are more in touch with their electricity costs than most and our company has a range of services which help make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable,” said Mr Hopton.