How new markets generated success

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It’s been a long journey and a roundabout route for the founders of R3 Products.

The company’s origins go back to a Halifax-based decorating products company, called Lynwood.

R3’s finance director, Paul Sapsford, was part of a team that went in to turn the business around.

“We had a manufacturing facility making paint trays and buckets which bought waste plastic from plastics dealers and I persuaded the managing director to get the plastic from source and cut out the middle man,” he recalls.

The Sheffield connection began when Lynwood bought a state of the art waste plastics processing plant from a third sector business, based in the city.

The company had been making street furniture, including park benches, from recycled plastic, but had to close down because of a redevelopment project.

“It wasn’t until we got the equipment that we realised the opportunities. Rather than mess about with bits of street furniture, we decided to look at the construction market and see what we could do to replace plywood and concrete in some applications,” Paul Sapsford adds.

Lynwood lacked plastics and construction industry expertise, so it recruited Doug Anderson, now one of the directors at R3.

However, the company was acquired by one of the decorating industry giants before the plan could come to fruition.

Paul Sapsford and Doug Anderson decided to go it alone, teamed up with former DavyMarkham chief Kevin Parkin and R3 was born.