Hotel’s invitation to council

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Budget hotel chain Travelodge is asking Rotherham Council to enter into a joint venture to build a hotel.

The company says that by working together, the council could obtain low-cost finance for development from the Government’s Public Works Loan Board - and make a profit once the hotel is completed.

Travelodge has already carried out two similar devopments in Aylesbury and Eastleigh, and is in negotiations with five other councils.

Paul Harvey, managing director for property at Travelodge Hotels, said: “Working with councils in this creative way has been a great experience and as a result of these innovative partnerships, we have today written to 124 councils, which includes Rotherham to see if we can work together on similar ventures.

“If Rotherham has suitable land or assets in a location that is viable for a Travelodge, then we would be delighted to work with them to help boost their economy, create new jobs within the community and generate a good return for their investment.”