Hillsborough: Fears over plans to increase recycling

Beeley Wood Recyling Plant
Beeley Wood Recyling Plant
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Residents in Hillsborough are concerned by plans for nearby Beeley Wood Recycling Village to increase the rubbish it deals with.

Ballast Phoenix, which runs the site, has applied to Sheffield Council to more than double the amount of waste it processes, from 60,000 tonnes to 135,000 a year.

Now residents fear the surrounding communities of Hillsborough, Worrall and Middlewood could be affected by increased noise and dust.

Chris Rowan, aged 50, of Northwood Drive, Middlewood, said: “While I think Ballast Phoenix is a responsible company, the nature of its business makes it difficult for it to keep control over noise and dust.

“We live close by and put up with the cumulative impact all the rattles, bangs, hums and screeches. It degrades the local environment and causes stress.”

Mark Boston, 35, of Middlewood Road, said: “Since 2010, local residents and I have noticed an increase in dust on our vehicles and properties. Doubling capacity could increase the problem.”

Dave Thornton, 55, of Northwood Drive, said: “There is screeching and clanking from 7am. I don’t really want to have to put the iPod on if I am in my garden just to drown it out. To increase capacity can only increase noise, disturbance, dust and damage to the local environment.”

In its planning application Ballast said: “The facility will provide a sustainable waste management capacity to recycle up to 135,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash per year for reuse in the construction industry, reducing disposal of waste to landfill. The facility is a vital component of the delivery of sustainable waste management in Sheffield.”

The proposals also include new equipment and an extended acoustic barrier.

The planning application can be viewed on the council’s website until August 20.