High wi-fives

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber vice president, Owen Gleadall
Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber vice president, Owen Gleadall
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Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce has given its support to the free public access wi-fi network which has gone live in Barnsley town centre.

The BarnsleyFreeWiFi network has been set up thanks to a partnership involving Barnsley Council and the Advanced Wireless Technology Group, AWTG, Sheffield-based Internet Service Provider Ask4 and the multimillion pound Digital Region project to roll out Super-fast Broadband to the whole of South Yorkshire.

Ask4 will be running and monitoring the BarnsleyFreeWiFi network, which will operate for at least two years as part of a trial by AWTG.

Hopes are that shoppers will be attracted to Barnsley town centre by being able to access free wi-fi will and that people will be encouraged to discover the benefits that using the internet can bring to their everyday lives.

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber vice president, Owen Gleadall, said: “This is a brilliant initiative. The network will allow people to be online while they are mobile, which is sure to attract more people to the town centre and can only be very positive for retailers and other businesses.”

n Digital Region provides superfast broadband connections for all Barnsley Council buildings and schools, under a five year, £1 million-plus contract signed last October.