Health pros wake up and smell the coffee

Coffee roasters: Dan Tully and his partner Jo Sessions
Coffee roasters: Dan Tully and his partner Jo Sessions
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Weekdays they’re calm and caring, dedicated mental health professionals.

But come the weekend, the psychiatrist, the psychologist, the senior nurse and the bed manager are full of beans, not to mention caffeine.

The Sheffield NHS Care Trust colleagues discovered a mutual passion for top quality coffee – and they’re on a mission to turn others on to a proper brew.

They’ve have gone into business selling artisan-roasted coffee beans, having imported their own machine from Germany and beans from a top London wholesaler.

Foundry Coffee Roasters made their first sales at Nether Edge Farmers’ Market at the weekend.

They sell online at for around £12 for 400g and hope to supply local restaurants and coffee bars.

They’re keeping the day jobs and are conscious, some might say, considering coffee’s bad press, they’re not practising what they preach.

“I give people health advice every day and undoubtedly too much coffee is bad for us,” agrees psychiatrist Dan Tully. “But well-being is important to health, too. I think it’s OK to treat yourself to one cup of great coffee a day.”

Dan found that out after being lured to the dark side by nurse Lee Newell, a coffee aficionado.

“He had been working on plans for a coffee company and kept bringing me unusual varieties to try. He won me over,” says Dan, whose psychologist partner Jo Sessions is also in the business, along with colleague Bidisha Mondal.

Quality beans from El Salvador, Bolivia, Rwanda and Antigua are gently roasted at their office behind Cafe Number 9 on Nether Edge Road.

“We went on a course to learn how. There’s a science and an art to it, just like wine-making. There is a lot of bad coffee around. Great quality beans are easily ruined by bad roasting,” says Dan. “You listen for the first crack as the beans start to pop, then turn the heat down so the coffee gently roasts.”