Head in the Cloud reaps rewards

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AngelRevolutions is the brainchild of technology entrepreneur Barry James.

Barry got bitten by the computer programming bug while studying for a psychology degree and went on to work for the likes of BT, Girobank and HSBC, which is what brought him to Sheffield.

“I was with Girobank before the days of the PC as a member of a group looking at how microcomputers could be exploited in an organisation like a bank, looking at the latest technology, how to apply it and use it to change the world,” says Barry.

“I suppose I have spent my whole career looking for the next thing.”

Barry went on to set up his own business and generate a number of patents, primarily for products that made use of what was, in the mid-1990s, the latest thing in computing, the Universal Serial Bus, or USB port.

The potential for USB devices like Memory Sticks to be used to remove company data or import malware, like viruses, fuelled Barry’s interest in security.

That, in turn, led to him co-authoring a report on security for SMEs, for the Information Commissioner’s Office, the Government-backed independent authority set up to control and advise on data protection and freedom of information.

“It came out of a conversation I had with someone from the Information Commissioner’s Office. It seemed to me that everything they did was from the point of view of corporate business and they didn’t understand how small business worked.

“They responded very positively. You’d expect an organisation like that to react otherwise, but, basically, they wanted to know how they could change that.”

Barry worked with former Royal Mail director of security and risk management, David Lacey, to produce the report, which looked at the availability of advice on security for SMEs.

“As part of that, we looked at emerging technologies, especially the Cloud.

“ When I looked at the economies of scale I was convinced it was going to happen.

“The model is so good, so robust, I thought this is the future and that is when AngelRevolutions was born.

“Since then we have created half a dozen different cloud-based systems and technologies.”