Having your say: The new Tesco Express on Church Street

Tesco Express on Church Street, Sheffield. Pic supplied by Our Cow Molly.
Tesco Express on Church Street, Sheffield. Pic supplied by Our Cow Molly.
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A Tesco Express has opened next door to the Cutlers’ Hall on Church Street - and it has certainly got you talking.

Here is what you have been saying on The Star’s Facebook page.

For some the positioning across from the Cathedral and next to the Cutlers’ Hall has led to some concern but for others a once empty city centre space being filled by a leading retailer is the cause for celebration.

Matthew Orme: “A tesco express looks good.”

Andy Rich: “A tesco store thats so posh it might acutally reflect their current rip off prices”

Rachel Elizabeth Brookes: “Grand buildings turned in to a tesco express.... Why??? Smh”

Mick Horus Greaves: “Stupid!”

Oliver Dartnell Machin: “tacky”

Stacy Jane Livernomore: “Better to use the building than leave it empty”

Haley Taylor: “load of crap! sheffield is losing all of its character!! glad ive moved away from it!!!”

Gemma Meeson: “Nasty!!”

Jill Hallam: “Soon the only shops left will be supermarkets”

Steve Eaton: “Hey it’s fine by me, can pop in at 6:30am on my way to work!”

Peter Sufc Frith: “its better than it being empty, but im sure they could have found a better use than a bloody food shop”

Lynn Carnall: “Its not very grand at the side of cutlers hall!”

Debbie Hutchinson: “Omg there popping up everywhere”

Nicola Bradshaw: “We survived many years with just co op, somerfield and sainsburys in town centre, why oh why do we need another supermarket?”

Angela Spooner Nee-Vinter: “As many people have said, if it wasn’t a Tesco, it might have been left empty & left to rot, or worst still become another bargain basement shop, I know which I’d rather have.”

Michelle Phillips: “Better than been empty”

Paige Kesemeyer: “Saw this other day couldn’t believe it tescos taking overrrrrrr”

Mark Gambles: “I for one am more concerned about the transit van waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting pedestrian!”

Tom Mosforth-Hunt: “They’ll fit a tesco express into a portaloo next.”

Darren Brackenbury: “Green Corporate life and interests replacing civic life and interests. This here is an apt symbol of our society degenerating - pretty depressing.”

Krystyna Haywood: “I’d have preferred a Sainsburys, just to lift up the impression, better still, Waitrose... but Tesco’s, well that’s slammed the quality dahn a bit ‘ant it....”

Philip Bennett: “Shocking! ! The only people to blame is Sheffield council who gave planning permission.”

Dean Higgins: “Supermarkets everywhere everything else closing . Why”

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