Hat-trick for engineering seal maker

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Seal manufacturer AES Engineering tops the Rotherham table for the third time in the last four years after boosting pre-tax profits from £6.7 million to £13.0 million.

The company, which trades as AESSEAL and has won more Queen’s Awards than any other in Yorkshire, heads 2008 table topper CF Booth, the metals recycling business which picked up its first Queen’s Award this year.

CF Booth, which was established in 1920, trades in ferrous and non ferrous metals, makes a wide range of copper-based ingots and forged parts - mainly for the marine industry – and has boosted overseas earnings by 81 per cent in the past three years, developing new business opportunities throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Export sales now account for 56 per cent of the group’s turnover. At the same time, Booth has made sustained investments in staff, technology and equipment to keep it at the forefront of the industry and be able to meet ever growing global demand for recycled metals.

Mangham Road waste management and recycling company, Ronald Hull Jnr, has improved on the 8th place it has occupied in the table of most profitable Rotherham’s businesses since it joined the Top 100 in 2009.

But, it is an indication of these tough times that, despite boosting profits from £625,000 in 2011 to £2.7 million this year, the company’s profits are still below the £2.8 million which earned it 8th place in 2009.

Hull, which celebrates it 40th birthday next year, provides services that include skip hire, asbestos removal; recycling wood, metals, electronic equipment and vehicles and secure destruction of anything from confidential documents to foodstuffs, counterfeit goods and tobacco products.

The company has introduced a number of eco-friendly initiatives in recent years, including installing solar cells on the roof of its Mangham Road operations which generate 50,000 kWh of electricity each year - enough to power the average house for more than a decade and a half.

Last year, the company unveiled a £5 million-plus investment in a new site in Parkgate, Rotherham, with the capacity to process up to 50 tonnes of waste an hour, ensuring that none of it has to be sent on to landfill sites.

Energy Alloys UK has turned a £3.5 million loss into a £1.8 million profit to secure its second best placing in the listing of Rotherham’s most profitable Top 100 companies.

The Catcliffe company is a subsidiary of US-based Energy Alloys, a global supplier of metals, semi-finished products and services to oil and gas manufacturers and service companies and one of Houston’s top 100 companies.

While AES, Ronald Hull Jnr and Energy Alloys have all seen profits improve, only AES has outstripped previous performance and the remaining four businesses in the listings of Rotherham’s most profitable Top 100 companies have all seen profits fall.


32 A.E.S. Engineering 12,973

12 C.F.Booth 3,015

62 Ronald Hull Jnr. 2,654

92 Energy Alloys UK 1,822

72 Garnett Dickinson Holdings 420

56 Burrows Motor Company 208

83 Kostal UK 127