Graduates keen to stay in Region

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More small and medium- sized firms must seek out graduate talent to grow Yorkshire’s economy, according to Gradcore.

The Sheffield-based graduate recruitment, research, consultancy and training organisation, formerly known as Graduates Yorkshire, says there has been a worrying reduction in internships.

It says more than three out of five graduates rate the region’s jobs market as either poor or very poor.

A Gradcore survey of students also showed graduates working outside the region are more likely to earn more than those who stay. More than one in five living outside Yorkshire were earning more than £25,000, compared with just over one in 10 inside Yorkshire.

Gradcore chief executive Martin Edmondson says its survey suggests that many graduates are keen to stay and make their mark in the region, but find it hard to do so, which was a challenge to all who believe graduates can drive growth in businesses and the economy.

“We will continue to develop our efforts in this area and we hope others will join us in pushing for a renewed focus on this important subject,” Mr Edmondson added.