Government to use SMEs more

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New legislation aims to opens up Government business to SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Under the new rules, the public sector is now required to pay undisputed invoices within 30 days, a requirement that is supposed to flow all the way down the supply chain.

Central government spent a record total of £11.4 billion with SMEs in 2013-14.

Research also shows that 41.2 per cent of SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber don’t know where to look to find new business opportunities.

The Government has relaunched its Contracts Finder website, at, offering a much improved search including by location, it is claimed.

The site covers current and future public sector contracts greater than £10,000 in central government and £25,000 in the wider public sector.

It is free to use, including from smartphones and tablets, allowing businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber to search for contracts that are geographically close to them.