Global innovations aiding UK patients

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Healthcare company B Braun Medical is capitalising on its international links in a bid to boost the range of products it sells to the NHS.

Chapeltown-based B Braun is launching a portfolio of innovative products in the UK to help surgeons avoid complications when dealing with abdominal wall problems like hernias.

The company says more than 100,000 hernia operations are performed every year by the NHS, which can, on occasion, result in complications including bacterial growth, bowel adhesion and chronic pain.

The German-owned company developed the products, which can be used to prevent and treat abdominal wall related complications, at its Spanish centre of excellence near Barcelona.

B Braun’s Liam Huson said: “The healthcare industry is operating in a drastically changed environment with reduced government funding, but this also presents companies like Braun with opportunities to provide more innovative and cost-effective services, products and solutions.

“Working in partnership with our overseas colleagues, we are keen to promote the message that Braun is not just concerned with the repair of the abdominal wall, but ensuring its future functionality and health for the patients, too.

This very comprehensive portfolio of solutions allows B. Braun to position itself as an expert in abdominal wall health.”

B Braun’s new products include a lightweight mesh with large pores, made from materials which help to prevent bacterial growth and bowel adhesion and a tissue additive which helps to prevent chronic pain.

The products are being launched by its VasTech team, part of its Aesculap division, which provides equipment for operating theatres, including instruments, sutures, vascular grafts, motor systems and orthopaedic implants.