Get nuclear ready with new course

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Manufacturers seeking to win contracts for new nuclear power stations are being offered a helping hand by South Yorkshire’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

The AMRC has been chosen by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear Manufacturing to host a trio of courses to help companies understand the extra requirements involved in manufacturing for the sector.

The foundation level training is aimed at employees at all levels and is equally suited to new entrants to manufacturing as well as longstanding employees.

Courses are designed to build an understanding of the nuclear industry, the quality standards that apply and standards of behaviour expected when working in the sector.

Organisers say they will be of particular benefit to product designers and staff involved in manufacturing, inspection, testing, sales, procurement and project management.

Courses are due to start at the AMRC in January, but will also be held at manufacturers’ premises or other venues around the country for businesses needing to train 15 or more employees.