Games makers seek crowd funding

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A Sheffield video games developer is hoping to crowd fund their next game - Solar Storm - after struggling to obtain conventional funding.

The Lucid Dreams Publishing team, comprising Tom Hallam and Kieran Mathers, and Dorset-based John Harrison, hope to raise £30,000 in development funding.

John said: “When you’re a tiny studio like we are, there aren’t that many ways of raising development cash. Crowdfunding has its risks but it connects us to the gaming community in a way that conventional investment doesn’t.

Kieran said other games makers had helped them develop Solar Storm and gave them the confidence to seek crowd funding.

Tom added: “There used to be a big tradition of video games making in Sheffield, and we’re really hoping that, in a small way, we can help bring that back. Plus, you know, it’s an awesome game.”

To see the Kickstarter page and free demo go here: