Game on for Master Cutler’s Challenge

Godfrey Owen, Keenene Daley, Chelsea Jones, Mistress Cutler Ruth Grey and Master Cutler David Grey
Godfrey Owen, Keenene Daley, Chelsea Jones, Mistress Cutler Ruth Grey and Master Cutler David Grey
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A charity that helps young people when they have hit a “barrier” in their lives is the target of this year’s Master Cutler’s challenge – launched yesterday at the Cutlers’ Hall in Sheffield.

The Brathay Trust works with youngsters with family or health problems or those who have simply “made a mistake” according to chief executive Godfrey Owen.

He spoke to a packed room of business people at the launch event.

“We are passionate about making a difference in young people’s lives, particularly those who have hit a barrier. A report recently stated 7,000 young people in Sheffield have wellbeing and mental health issues. This is really worrying, but a lot of it can be prevented.”

Chelsea Jones, aged 17, took the stage to explain how the trust had turned her life around.

She said: “I was shy, lacking in confidence and a bit strange. It provided me with somewhere safe and stable, a comfortable frame where I could be myself. I went through a four-week course and decided to stay and became a volunteer. Now I’m a peer mentor.

“The trust has taught me not to be afraid of 1,000 eyes when they are above 500 smiles.”

The challenge was established eight years ago by the then Master Cutler, Gordon Bridge. Teams are handed £50 and urged to use it to make as much money as possible.

Master Cutler David Grey said he wanted it to be fun.

He added: “I don’t want it to be a burden, I want as many companies as possible to take part.

“Over the years participants have showed just how innovative they can be. It’s whatever you want to do.”

OSL Automotive managing director Chris Heaton is set to spend his £50 on running shoes for a 104m run around the Company of Cutlers’ historic boundary from 1624.

And Sheffield United chief executive Mal Brannigan had agreed to open up Bramall Lane for a United-Wednesday match – with places in the 18-strong squads available to those pledging to raise £1,000.