Fuel challenge saves money

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TWO Sheffield taxi drivers are among 18 across the UK taking part in a challenge to save money by driving smoothly.

Ian Barley and Peter Coward are expecting to cut their fuel bills over 12 months by applying simple driving tips during the Shell challenge.

Ian is on course to save over £1,000 by driving at a constant speed where possible.

He said: “I’ve been a cabbie for more than 25 years but this competition has taught me a lot. I used to get 450 miles on a full tank of fuel but that’s increased a tremendous amount and I’m up to 550 miles per tank.

“A saving of more than £1,000 is just incredible. I’ve already started encouraging my wife to use the driving tips as I’m keen to cut our annual fuel spend by as much as possible!”

Peter Coward, the second Sheffield cabbie involved in the challenge, is on course to save more than £277 in fuel over a year.