Frozen fish scam that really stinks

Trading Standards Officer Phil Glaves.
Trading Standards Officer Phil Glaves.
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IT’S an old scam that smells something rotten, but door-to-door salesmen are circling Sheffield trying to flog frozen fish.

Trading Standards has received reports of scammers luring householders into spending hundreds of pounds on a freezer-full of substandard produce.

Frozen fish

Frozen fish

Typically they show off some choice specimens and offer massive discounts to secure a sale, then pile on the pressure to force householders to shell out up to £150 for several boxes, sight unseen.

Phil Glaves, Trading Standards manager, said the fish were ‘rubbish’ – possibly inedible, of suspect age and hygiene and probably stolen. Intelligence suggested they came from the North East and were being transported hundreds of miles by gangs.

He added: “We’ve had reports of scammers trying to sell boxes of frozen fish of very poor quality that was going off.

“There have been incidents where people are shown a couple of items and then pressured into buying two or three boxes that would fill a freezer.

“Don’t be coerced into buying them – it’s the stuff that wouldn’t make it to market and it’s been hanging around for goodness know how long. It’s a scam to make you part with a lot of money.

“If it’s happening in Sheffield, it’s happening across Yorkshire. We have a few registration numbers and we are collating information.”