Fraud will rise say city lawyers

LAWYERS are predicting the number of fraud cases in the UK will continue to increase after reaching record levels in 2010.

Mark Wilson, head of business defence at Cartwright King, which has offices in Sheffield, said: "With the economic downturn over the past two years, it was inevitable that some normally law-abiding people would be drawn into fraudulent activity either to sustain a lifestyle or simply to ensure that their business survives.

"We are still in the midst of a recession with things still pretty tough, therefore I see no indication that the situation will change in the short term."

Cartwright King is one of the largest specialist fraud firms in the UK and deals with cases throughout central England and the North. Last year it dealt with cases that involved alleged frauds worth more than 2 billion.

Although some of those cases could have begun in previous years, Mark Wilson reckons that figures of 1.4 billion for the total value of fraud last year are probably an underestimate.

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