Forgemasters in £3.7m US sub deal

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Forgemasters has won a £3.68m contract to supply castings for US Navy submarines.

It will see the firm deliver 84 castings to General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation, the company responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of subs.

The firm is one of a “handful” of companies worldwide qualified by the US Navy to produce these high integrity castings, having undergone an extensive qualification program involving both Electric Boat and the US Navy.

Dr Graham Honeyman, chief executive at Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd, said: “The specifics of the components are classified, but we can confirm that the order is valued at 6.2 million US Dollars and is a significant body of work for our foundry, which will be required to deliver a series of complex castings over a period of 10 months.”

The first casting is expected to be poured in September.

Forgemasters has been a supplier to Electric Boat Corporation for six years and has also been a supplier to UK Navy submarines for more than 30.