Food X-ray firm opens in Barnsley

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A new specialist company offering X-ray inspection services to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies has opened for business in Barnsley.

Euroscan X-ray Ltd aims to supply its state-of-the-art quality control services to manufactures and producers of consumable goods across the North and the midlands.

Euroscan is a subsidiary of Cheyney Design and Development Ltd, a leading international player in the design, development and manufacture of x-ray technology.

The company has moved into new 7,000 square foot premises at Shortwood Business Park, near Hoyland, and commissioned £60,000-worth of bespoke x-ray equipment for its first product inspection line.

This precision technology can detect glass, wood, metal and other foreign bodies down to tenths of a millimetre in size, which may have got into a product such as a jar of jam, toothpaste, cough medicine or tinned peaches.

Operations manager Perry Alderson said: “Quality standards are extremely high in the production of food and consumable goods.”