Flower pot production blooming

Kevin Newton with one of Naylor's Yorkshire Flower Pots.
Kevin Newton with one of Naylor's Yorkshire Flower Pots.
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It’s taken Naylor industries not much more than a decade to go from a standing start to become Britain’s biggest manufacturer of flower pots.

At first it was novelty pots – in the shape of wellington boots and the like, but then the company decided to spend some time and money on design, automation and branding.

The result is the Yorkshire Flower Pot Company, which targets the upper end of the market, supplying prestige garden centres, but not the big DIY sheds.

The emphasis on quality has also paid dividends in the form of a licensing deal which has resulted in the Royal Botanical Gardens’ logo appearing on its range of Kew planters.

“Until we came on the scene, most pots were cheap and nasty, from Vietnam, China and Indonesia. We have almost turned the clock back to the time when there were top quality British pots that didn’t fall apart in the winter,” says Edward Naylor.

“Ours is a frost proof, guaranteed pot, made in Britain for the British climate. If one of our pots did ever crack, we would replace it free of charge.

“It’s been a bit of a learning curve.

“If we had known in 1995 what we know now, we would have got here a lot quicker, but we’ve built the business from scratch and I’m very proud of it.”

After initially focusing on the UK, Naylor has started to export pots, developing markets in Scandinavia, Japan, South East Asia and North America.

Naylor’s acquisition of Clough Mill – based in, Gloucestershire – has added another string to its bow, adding high quality frost-proof glazed garden pots to Naylor’s range.