Firm’s research into rankings on Google

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Research by a Sheffield-based search engine optimisation company has shown just how important getting a top ranking on Google can be. says its research shows that a company that is ranked first on Google gets three times as many hits as a result than the second placed firm.

Director, Neil Palmer, says: “Think of times when friends recommend a good service to you. You’ll often go ahead and use them without speaking to their competition, purely because of the referral from someone you trust.

“That’s exactly how the online world exists today. We’ve grown to trust Google’s Number1 result, and will often rely on this trust when making a decision on which websites to visit.”

Mr Palmer says companies that secure the top spot cannot rest on the laurels because online marketing and search engine marketing is an ever-changing, fast-paced world and he points to recent changes by Google which have altered the way it ranks and lists websites.