Firm delivers greener fuel to the capital

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A second Sheffield company has announced it is doing business in London’s booming hydrogen fuel market.

High-pressure gas systems manufacturer, Chesterfield Special Cylinders, has delivered two trailers which will transport hydrogen to fuelling stations in London for the capital’s hydrogen buses.

They can transport large volumes of hydrogen from production facilities to fuelling stations – and operate as mobile fuelling stations if necessary.

The gas can be carried at a pressure of 500 bar, more than double the existing 200 bar industry standard.

The trailers – the first of their kind in Europe – will be a key component in the bus refueling project in London.

CSC managing director, Mick Pinder, says the contract is a significant step forward in the company’s ambition to become a major supplier to the global hydrogen market.

He said: “This helps to establish a long-term and viable hydrogen fuelling infrastructure across the capital, with a view to deploying similar trailers across the UK and Europe.

“Chesterfield Special Cylinders designed and built the vehicles and will be playing a small but vital part in developing the potential for hydrogen to become the vehicle fuel of choice for residents of London.”

The announcement comes three weeks after Sheffield’s ITM Power won a £2.8m contract from Boris Johnson for three hydrgoen vehicle refuelling stations as part of a project in which dozens of fuel cell electric vehicles will hit the streets next year.

The Mayor of London’s Office is co-ordinating the multi-million pound HyFive project, which has been signed up to by BMW, Daimler, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota who are all developing hydrogen cars.

Boris Johnson said: “To sell this technology we need to show Londoners and the wider world that it is not science fiction.

“By building the vehicles and the filling stations and allowing people to kick the tyres we will be able to demonstrate that hydrogen is a viable option and that London is at the forefront.”

Supporters say hydrogen cars are quick to refuel and have a range of 400 miles.

Meanwhile, ITM Power has signed up to the Trillion Tonne Communiqué which calls for total cumulative carbon emissions to be limited to 1 trillion tonnes to stop the global temperature from rising more than two degrees.

It was drawn up by the Prince of Wales’ Corporate Leaders Group after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessed years of research.

To achieve the goal, a zero emissions energy system, which exploits carbon capture and storage, renewables and alternative fuels such as hydrogen, must be developed, it added.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power said: “We have been making the case for not wasting renewable power for some time. Energy storage using hydrogen can accomplish this simply and economically.”