Firm also offers customers Pre-Delivery Inspections

RS Motorhomes, Harworth Business Park, Harworth
RS Motorhomes, Harworth Business Park, Harworth
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RS Motorhomes doesn’t only design and build its own range of motorhomes.

The company has the extensive facilities to carry out full Pre-Delivery Inspections – or PDIs in the motor trade – and services and repairs both its own and other manufacturers vehicles.

Since motorhomes are part transport part home, that also involves a host of “habitation” checks as well as straightforward MoT style vehicle checks, including hydraulic gas tanks for 
air suspensions.

The vehicle is designed to flex so the seals have to be right. Then there are electrical, gas and water services, winter ice tanks, underfloor heating and a host of 
other “home comforts” to check.

RS Motorhomes’ move from Goldthorpe to Harworth towards the end of last year has given it more room to do all that, including space for a new water-testing facility with an automatic sprinkler and regeneration system to recover and recycle the water used in half-day long artificial rain tests.

The move means RS is now more conveniently located – close to the A1, hotels, camping and refuelling facilities.

It has also meant the firm has additional space to build up a business in used motorhomes, including what founder, Mick Rowe, hopes will become a thriving export trade.

“The site has given us the ability to take European vehicles in part exchange and we hope to build a big used motorhome sales company,” says Mick, who sees opportunities in France, Holland, Sweden and Belgium, where it already has an agency agreement with a motorhome dealer.