Entrepreneur Barbie? Let’s get real here

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Young girls need strong role models. Ones that help to shape their path in life, not the size of their lips. Or their breasts.

There are far too many image-obsessed celebrities leading our girls not to the door to self-fulfilment, but to the cosmetic surgery clinic.

So who is the latest artificial icon set to influence them? Barbie. And I don’t think she’s woman enough for the task.

Since her 1959 debut, Barbie has done stints as an astronaut, a surgeon, a news anchor and even a U.S. president. Now Entrepreneur Barbie is hitting UK toy stores as the latest in Mattel’s ‘I Can Be’ line of career-oriented dolls.

What distinguishes her as a tech-savvy businesswoman, you ask? She has a tablet, a smartphone and a laptop case. Without so much as a pair of comfy shoes in her bag or a worry-line on her face, she’s still in possession of pneumatic breasts and an impossibly small waist. A message that you be successful AND glamorous? Or simply Mattel cashing in on the gadgets craze filtering down to the playground? The new I.T Girl won’t encourage future generations of female techies or SME owners, will she?

Bring on Cindy the female engineer, someone. Or better still, let’s get real. All female engineers out there, get yourselves into schools and tell girls how brilliant your job is.