Energy error puts stress on disgruntled customer

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Justine Senior swapped suppliers last year to Co-operative Energy and paid about £200-a-quarter for the first two or three – until January’s arrived demanding £880.

She immediately asked the company to investigate and on March 17 her meter was removed and swapped for a new one.Independent tests, supplied by CE, showed ‘it was so faulty we couldn’t get a reading from it’.But one question remained for Justine of Washington Road, Ecclesfield– how much did she owe? She hadn’t paid for any gas or electricity since October.


Co-operative Energy apologised to Justine and said it would take just £240 for electricity – including a discount of £40 for the mix up and £30 for a missed appointment – for the half year and nothing for gas.

A spokesman said: “We have spoken to her and fully rectified the problem to her satisfaction. We have not charged the customer for any gas consumption between October 8 and March 17 and we have also reduced her bill a little further as a gesture of our goodwill.”