EEF slams UK’s ‘green’ policies

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Complex, costly and incoherent climate and environment policies are adding to UK industry’s costs and discouraging investment, according to the manufacturers’ organisation, the EEF.

Regional director Andy Tüscher says Britain faces major challenge to de-carbonise its economy and strengthen economic growth.

“Despite some progress, the simple truth is the government’s own policies are failing to match industry’s own ambitions with a confused and cluttered landscape adding to the cost burdens rather than driving investment,” says Mr Tüscher.

“We need a simpler and more coherent approach to climate change with a full review of the current set of tax and regulation measures. Government must now learn from manufacturers’ own efforts and develop policies which work with the grain of industry, rather than against it.

“Such an approach will help us meet our ambitious green targets, enable manufacturers to grow their businesses and help rebalance the economy.”

The EEF wants the Government to introduce a new green and growth ‘stress test’ that all new climate and environment legislation would have to pass before it becomes law.

It says 70 per cent of manufacturers have environmental targets that go beyond legislation, but the biggest barrier to making further improvements is legislation itself.