Dynamic innovation maintains voltage at the optimum level

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Demand for EMSc’s Powerstar technology has snowballed to such an extent that it has become the major focus for the company.

That said, the regional export award-winning company has launched two new products during the last 18 months – Powerstar Max and HV Max and has a number of other products waiting in the wings.

Powerstar Max takes the company’s Powerstar technology one step further by dynamically maintaining the voltage at the optimum level and ensuring it doesn’t fluctuate.

Meanwhile, HV Max is designed to optimise high voltages before they are delivered to a site.

The technology can take a 11,000 volt supply and output 380 volts and, while it is particularly aimed at new developments, it is also ideal for sites with older transformers and those where restricted space would make it difficult to add voltage optimisation.

Potential customers include utility companies, sites with secure data and critical operations including some offices, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and educational facilities.

EMSc has developed other products which are currently taking a back seat to Powerstar, Powerstar Max and Powerstar HV Max.

“The demand for Powerstar is so high that 100 per cent of our efforts go into it,” says EMSc’s founder, Dr Alex Mardapittas.

The group hasn’t stopped work on its other innovations, but it is being careful not to overstretch itself by having too many irons in the fire, so development has slowed and it is responding to demand rather than actively marketing them.

Other products include Hotelstar, Airstar, Motorstar, Autostar and Lightstar.

Hotelstar is one of the most complex products the company has, capable of deciding what facilities should still be working when a hotel room is unoccupied.

Hotelstar can detect the heat given off by a human body, ensuring that facilities, including lighting, aren’t switched off simply because there is no movement. In the UK, it will ensure the temperature of a room won’t fall below 14C when it isn’t occupied and in hot countries it will ensure it doesn’t rise beyond 28C.

In the UK utilities tends to be behind materials and labour in terms of hotel costs, but in hotter parts of the world it comes in just behind labour, with an individual hotel spending millions of pounds in a year on electricity.

Airstar is aimed at firms that make heavy use of compressors, while Motorstar is aimed at sites with large numbers of motors, including pumping stations or businesses with large extraction systems that don’t need to run at full power all the time.

Autostar will automatically shut down machinery when it isn’t being used and Lightstar is aimed at street lighting.

“The Cyprus Electricity Authority has tested Lightstar and certified that it saves 33 per cent on street lights,” says Dr Mardapittas.