Double success for Dinnington hi-tech personal security firm

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Personal security technology business Connexion2 has become the first company to gain approval under the new British Standard covering security systems for people working on their own.

The British Standard success comes at the same time as the news that Dinnington-based Connexion2 has won a contract to provide more than 900 of its Identicom lone worker security devices to Family Mosaic, one of the largest providers of homes and supported housing services in London, Essex and Sussex

Family Mosaic has been a customer of Connexion2 for more than four years and the Dinnington firm’s success came after Family Mosaic invited companies to tender to provide cover for lone workers after a period of expansion and acquisition.

Connexion2’s Identicom lone worker protection device looks like a normal name badge, but incorporates mobile communications technology to enable staff working on their own to raise an alarm if they are threatened.

The badge can transmit a signal that tells security staff exactly where the worker is and allows them to listen in and record what is happening with such clarity that it can be used in the courts in evidence. The lanyard on which the badge is worn incorporates an alarm which is automatically triggered if anyone tries to tear the badge off.

The Dinnington company has also developed a mobile ‘phone app for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android and Apple iPhones which provides similar service to the Identicom badge.

Connexion2’s managing director, Craig Swallow, said: “We are delighted to be the first company to receive the updated BS8484:2011 approval.

“This shows the company’s dedication and commitment to providing a safe and guaranteed police response to all Identicom users.”