Double gold for green insulation

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Eco-friendly insulation produced by a Sheffield firm has made the trip from London to Sochi for a second Olympic appearance.

Recovery Insulation is the Sheffield-based social enterprise behind Inno-Therm – a high performance thermal and acoustic insulation, made primarily from recycled cotton and denim waste and jeans.

The material isn’t only eco-friendly in terms of being made from recycled cloth.

Unlike other types of insulation, once it has been turned into rolls and panels it can be re-used time and again.

What’s more, installers don’t need gloves or protective clothing to handle it.

The insulation that has gone to the Winter Olympics venue was originally bought as part of a leading US broadcaster’s commitment to going green, when they needed soundproofing for their studios at the London 2012 Olympics.

When the studio was dismantled, the insulation, along with other materials, was shipped to Sochi to do the same job there.

Recovery Insulation was founded by David Garlovsky to raise funds for the Schools and Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active, an educational charity he set up to raise awareness of green issues and opportunities in schools.

Backing from South Yorkshire’s Key Fund and the Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit helped to get the company off the ground.

David Garlovsky had hoped to set up a manufacturing plant in South Yorkshire to make the material. Unfortunately, British funders wouldn’t support the project, which has, instead, gone to France, which has provided €4 million worth of funding.