Doncaster Airport link road - two years out of the office for bridge engineer

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Bridge engineer Mark Watson has a desk in an office in Doncaster but someone else is using it these days, or so he’s been told.

For the council employee has been out on site for the last four years.

He has just spent two years based in a portable cabin on what will be the FARRRS link road.

Before that he spent two years working on the White Rose Way - a major upgrade of a main route into Doncaster which includes a 610ft bridge.

No lover of indoor working, he’s now hoping to be transferred on to the borough’s next big infrastructure scheme - DN7 from the M18 to Hatfield Colliery - when the current project ends in February.

And that should see him out of the office for another year.

Mark, aged 51, said: “Every day is different out here, you don’t get the monotony of the office.

“I enjoy being out on site in all seasons and all weather, if we are doing works we are out in it.

“But there’s a satisfaction in getting things off paper and into real life.

“The weather can be a hassle, we’ve not had snow, but rain has caused delays. We lost a week to the rain once and that can be stressful. It can be frustrating if things don’t fit right and you have to work it out.

“But I’m going to miss it, I’m hoping to go on to DN7, another year out of the office would suit me.

“I have got a desk at North Bridge Depot but they have loaned it to someone because I’m never there.”

The FARRRS road includes two railway bridges and four bridges over watercourses.