Do we really need this many buses on this route?

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As a resident of the Meadowhead area of Sheffield and on a regular bus route may I bring to your attention the number of buses from the First bus service (route 53, 75, 76) amounting to one every 10 minutes during the day.

It’s the same story on 97, 98 Totley route and the 22 Nether Edge route.

In the vast majority of cases these buses carry very few passengers, often less than 12 people.

During the week, at approximately 4.30pm and 5.30pm two 75 buses often come from Jordanthorpe within two to five minutes of each other carrying less than half a dozen passengers. The same can be said about the 53 service from Lowedges.

Whilst working in the Nether Edge area a few weeks previous (at the junction of Sheldon Road and Nether Edge Road) I could not help but notice the number of 22 buses coming past every 10 minutes virtually empty.

I understand that some bus services are subsidised by the council through the SYPTA.

Is this number of buses really necessary and would fewer buses, one every 20 minutes instead of 10, still provide an adequate service and at the same time help reduce the cost of bus fares to passengers and also reduce the cost to council tax payers?

Your comments would be appreciated as I can’t help but feel this is a waste of good public money.

Ralph Godbehere

Meadowhead, Sheffield, S8