Disaster cook rises to challenge

Tim Marsh
Tim Marsh
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We’re gripped by TV’s Masterchef contest – now meet a candidate for British Disaster Chef.

Tim Marsh is a hot contender, reckons girlfriend Katy Bennet. After suffering Tim’s miserable meals – including under-cooked omelettes and sludge-coloured smoothies – she entered him into kitchen appliance giant Kenwood’s challenge.

He’s now officially one of the country’s dozen worst cooks. The culinary zeros have each been given a Kenwood Chef mixer and for 12 weeks will receive a weekly food hamper with a recipe to try, aided by online video tutorials.

“I felt chuffed when Kenwood rang to say I was a finalist but that wore off when I realised what it was for – and what I had to do,” says Tim, 31, who runs Dronfield climbing equipment manufacturer Core Climbing with two partners. “I’ve never been much of a cook and am working around the clock so I don’t get much time to spend in the kitchen.”

He’s risen to the challenge, though; last week he made a four-cheese quiche and is about to try his hand at strawberry pavlova.

The finalist who most improves wins £4,000 of prizes and the Kenwood Chef 2012 title. But Tim has more modest hopes; he’d like to master enough skills to cook dinner for his mum and his granny.

Finalists will be blogging weekly.

Follow Tim’s journey at www.kenwoodworld.com/uk