Developments to ‘bring 15,850 jobs’

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Growth in infrastructure and housing projects will fuel the creation of 15,850 construction jobs in Yorkshire and the Humber over the next five years, says the Construction Industry Training Board.

According to the CITB’s latest Construction Skills Network forecast, companies will need to recruit 3,170 employees each year to fulfil demand from planned projects, pushing the total workforce in the region up to 190,010 in 2018 – five per cent higher than last year.

All sectors of the industry are expected to experience growth during the next five years, apart from work for the public sector on projects that are not involving housing.

The highest demand will be for workers with wood trades and interior fitting skills.

However, overall output and employment will still be down on pre-recession levels and caution is being urged amid signs of a recovery.

Steve Housden, sector strategy manager for the CITB in Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “The report shows that the economy is turning the corner and Yorkshire and the Humber’s construction industry will benefit from that.

“The Government’s ‘Help-to-Buy’ scheme has kick-started demand across the housing market and new infrastructure projects in Yorkshire and the Humber will help create jobs.

“However, growth needs to be sustainable, underpinned by long-term infrastructure projects and continued investment.

“It’s clarity and certainty of future projects that give employers the confidence to train and plan. We’d therefore welcome any 
new announcements on homebuilding projects in the area, and encourage employers to be ready for the opportunities coming to the region.”