Cuts hampering training abilities

Lynda Hinxman
Lynda Hinxman
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Cutbacks and regulation are undermining companies’ abilities to train, according to research by the Sheffield Hallam University-based Sheffield Business School.

Researchers found middle managers were struggling to deliver their chief executives’ aspirations for company learning and development.

Business School assistant dean Lynda Hinxman says: “Corporates have had to become such lean operations in the recession that there is little time or money to train.”

Meanwhile, what money corporates do spend on training is not linked to strategic business goals.

“Corporates are spending too much on training – particularly for regulatory purposes – that is not linked to delivering strategic business goals,” says Lynda Hinxman.

“That is an issue for everyone in this sector, including universities.”

Six out of 10 managers surveyed as part of the research did not think enough training was taking place.

Seven out of 10 said a lack of budget was hampering training, while more than four out of 10 highlighted the lack of time off for training or cover for those being trained as limiting the amount of training.