Cutlers’ Hall chef creates canapes offering a mini mouthful of local flavour

Cutlers' Hall hef Jamie Whiteley with some of his yorkshire-themed canapes
Cutlers' Hall hef Jamie Whiteley with some of his yorkshire-themed canapes
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In the kitchen, the heat was on.

Guests would be arriving for the 378th Cutlers’ Feast in three hours’ time. All 366 of them. But Kate Green in the Cutlers Hall’s hospitality team, was taking a call that turned her colder than the Vichyssoise.

“It was someone telling me one guest wouldn’t be able to eat anything on the menu. For health reasons he had to stick to the Fodmap diet - no gluten, lactose or fructose,” says Kate.

She turned to the Internet, made a do and don’t list and down to the kitchens. Head chef Jamie Whiteley raided the fridges and larders and, while preparing around 1,280 plates of food on his carefully-crafted menu, created the lone Fodmap feast with time to spare.

Such are the challenges of catering on such scale, at a setting as auspicious as the Cutlers’, says Kate, who arrived last autumn from city brand Fancie.

The latest, though, is getting Yorkshire on the menus. “People are very keen on local provenance. Guests want a taste of Sheffield wherever possible,” says Kate.

World Master Chef Jamie, previously at Ridgeway’s Michelin-starred Old Vicarage and Chesterfield’s Casa and 17 months into his new role, used the experience of creating all-local dishes for the Made In Sheffield Awards dinner and rose to the challenge.

First up are canapés with a local twist; mini pulled pork and apple sandwiches with meat from Sheffield’s famed Beres butchers, beef sliders with Derbyshire beef and Henderson’s Relish, tiny tarts filled with Derbyshire goat’s cheese and gravadlax made from curing salmon in Kelham Island Brewery’s Pale Rider, plus dinky dessert canapes including twists on the Bakewell tart and Yorkshire parkin. The Yorkshire canapes are already being served at Cutlers’ events and Made In Sheffield menus will soon be available to all events bookings.