Crystal clear success for Dormer

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Expertise from South Yorkshire is helping one of the world’s biggest crystal manufacturer to cut costs and boost production.

Advanced Manufacturing Park-based Dormer Tools International has been working closely with Egyptian firm Asfour Crystal to fine-tune production processes and increase output.

One Dormer innovation has slashed the number of operations and the time it takes to drill the cast-iron mould used to create the crystals.

The holes being drilled vary in depth and can be up to 10 times the drill’s diameter.

The process previously involved three separate operations: centre drilling, peck drilling with a carbide drill and reaming.

Peck drilling is usually necessary when the hole’s depth is greater than three and a half times the drill’s diameter.

However, Dormer’s sales engineers analysed the process and worked out how to do the whole job with just one solid carbide drill.

Dormer’s John Eustace said: “The solid carbide CDX drill entirely eliminated the need for pre-centring and also the need for pecking.

“The innovation is all part of the strong, ongoing partnership. We are continually working to refine their processes in order to reduce production times still further and maintain increased output.

“Asfour Crystal have been using Dormer’s tools for about nine years and we are proud of our contribution to their success.”