Crowdfunding conference is to look at ‘re-booting’ capitalism

Barry James
Barry James
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Entrepreneur and crowdfunding advocate Barry James is hoping to turn theory into practice when he launches ‘Deep Impact 2,’ the latest national conference on the phenomenon.

The Sheffield-based innovator is founder of the Crowdfunding Centre, dedicated to promoting the alternative method of fundraising, using small sums, invested by individuals, to back new business ideas.

The Crowdfunding Centre’s first ‘Deep Impact’ conference was designed to raise the profile of Crowdfunding and explain the thinking behind the phenomenon.

The second conference – which takes as its theme ‘Capitalism Re-booted’ aims to go one step further.

“It’s now time to take Crowdfunding to the crowd with the benefit of the wisdom of some of those at the forefront of this revolution,” said Mr James.

“It’s time to grasp this huge opportunity to take crowdfunding to your crowd, and really to start over at business, community, town and city, regional and national levels. To get stuff funded and get the things that matter done.

“We want the crowd, everyone, to understand the opportunities that crowdfunding can bring, whether it’s to start or improve a business, regenerate a town or city, boost a needy community or simply support a worthwhile cause.”

The conference will take place at the Royal Geographic Society’s headquarters in London this Friday, November 1, which has been designated as the UK’s first National Crowdfunding Day

Speakers will include Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield, who chairs the Westminster Crowdfunding Forum, Oliver Rothschild, Professor Alan Barrell, Bill Morrow, David Drake and the founders of some of the UK’s leading Crowdfunding platforms.