Costs are revealed of council’s offices shake-up strategy

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The total cost of Sheffield Council’s office reorganisation will be £9.6 million – but it claims £30 million will be saved over 10 years.

Figures have been released to The Star under the Your Right to Know campaign.

The council has moved staff out of Derwent House, Barkers Pool House, Palatine Buildings, Central Buildings, Sovereign House, Yorkshire House and offices at Queens Road and Sheldon Road, all in the city centre.

More changes will follow to centralise staff at the old Manpower Services building at Moorfoot, where 700 people work at present.

Once the shake-up is complete, 2,000 staff will be based there.

Other staff will be moved into Howden House and offices at Crystal Peaks.

Coun Bryan Lodge, Sheffield Council cabinet member for finance, said: “The current budgeted capital costs for works on Moorfoot, Howden and Crystal Peaks is £9.6m.

“Of this, we have spent £1.3m to date on Moorfoot – which will save £1.9 million a year from renting elsewhere on its own.

“Planned completion of the Moorfoot project is during the financial year 2014-15.

“This work is being funded by borrowing, along the same lines as paying for a mortgage on your house.

“By using our own properties, we will save on running costs by reducing the total number of key office buildings used.

“We are using our own property, rather than renting space in properties we do not own.”