Constellation cuts lighting charges

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A leading logistics group has cut its annual lighting bill by three quarters thanks to Sheffield-based Constellation Lighting.

Hermes, which lays claim to being the UK’s leading consumer delivery specialist, handling more than 190 million collections and deliveries each year, has lopped more than £600,000 off its annual bill.

During the past three years, Holbrook Industrial Estate-based Constellation has replaced traditional sodium lights at Hermes’ depots with new systems using Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs.

Constellation replaced 400W light bulbs inside Hermes’ warehouses with 75W LED units, and reduced internal electricity consumption by 80 per cent.

By introducing the same technology for external lighting, Constellation helped Hermes to save a further £60,000, covering the cost of the installation in two years.

The longer life of the LEDs means maintenance costs are lower, the LEDs also reach 100 per cent brightness almost instantaneously and produce ‘white’ light, which is easier to work in and better for reading labels.