Complementary skills mean a marriage made in heaven

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Husband and wife team Tony and Stephanie Crane reckon it’s the differences between them that have helped to make their business succeed.

“We have got complementary skills,” says Tony.

“We are very different – a bit like chalk and cheese. Stephanie has been my calming influence over the years.

“Part of the success is due to the fact that we understand all the roles.

“Although the business has grown a lot, we have done everything from marketing needles to packing them.”

“We try not to talk about business at home,” says Stephanie, “but that doesn’t always work and we do get stressed at times. It’s worked out quite well and it has its up sides.

“It’s given us the ability to look after the kids together,” continues Tony.

“We drop them off at school and pick them up. When they were babies we shared the responsibilities and it worked quite well.