Community action call

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RESIDENTS, businesses and community groups have been urged to spearhead action to improve a rundown Sheffield suburb.

A meeting was held in Darnall, attended by councillors and Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts, to discuss how to make the area a better place after the collapse of plans to build a new supermarket there.

Councillors and Mr Betts stressed there is ‘no money’ for the council or Government to intervene in the suburb - and that people living there should take action themselves.

Mr Betts said: “People asked why more football training sessions couldn’t be provided for young people - we said the council could provide pitches, but groups could organise sessions themselves.”

He added one community group asked for a new centre - but was told there was space at existing buildings.

The meeting heard the major problem was ‘lack of private development’ due to the poor economic climate.