City housing market ‘on fire’

For sale sign outside a house in Broomhill
For sale sign outside a house in Broomhill
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House sales in parts of Sheffield are ‘on fire’ – as new figures also reveal a big rise in prices.

Saxton Mee managing director James Mee said certain suburbs were ‘on fire’ and added: “It’s very busy and there’s a lot of interest, a lot of viewers and multiple bids.

“Areas like Fulwood, Lodge Moor, Dore, Norton, and Milhouses are very popular.

“In those areas there is definitely growth, and I would say they are probably at or higher than 5.3 per cent. But it depends on postcode and even within postcodes.

“For example S17 is very popular – Dore is very popular, Totley is popular and Bradway is less popular.

“Other areas have probably gone up a lot less, only one to two per cent.”

Sheffield MPs said the 5.3 per cent increase in house prices year-on-year in Yorkshire and the Humber could cause problems for first-time buyers and have called on government to take action.

Hillsborough and Brightside MP David Blunkett said: “When the Government parade ‘things are getting better’, they mean those they associate with in London and the south east, without any understanding of the very real challenges that still face millions of people in what used to be called ‘the provinces’.

“That is why action to cool the housing markets in London must not damp down potential economic growth for the rest of us.

“Jobs and prosperity depend on recovery in Sheffield and Yorkshire, and not just on the ‘bubble’ affecting London.”

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield said: “House prices rising significantly above inflation leads to first time buyers being priced out of the market.

“It also impacts upon people who can’t afford to move up as their families grow.

“Action is needed to cool down the market and even the Governor of the Bank of England has sounded the alarm bell.

“The solution is to increase supply by building more homes which Labour is pledging to do.”