Campaign to help make Sheffield a fairer place to live

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A campaign to help make Sheffield a fairer place to live for all its residents was set to be launched today.

The Our Fair City Campaign follows a report in 2013 by the city’s Fairness Commission which found Sheffield’s population is one of the most divided in Britain.

The cross-party group of political, business, community and religious representatives set out how it aimed to make Sheffield one of the fairest cities – including a introducing a city-wide living wage of £7.45 per hour, fair access to benefits and credit and reducing inequalities such as life expectancy.

The new campaign, led by the Sheffield Executive Board, is putting the spotlight on the disparities and social inequalities in Sheffield which prevent the city from being a fairer place for everyone.

Professor Alan Walker, commission chairman, said: “The need for a campaign was a key recommendation of the commission and is crucial in helping the city to combat the inequalities that prevent it from being fairer and more successful.”

Today’s launch was due to showcase the campaign’s website and video and feature speakers including feminist Beatrix Campbell and boxing coach Glyn Rhodes.

Coun Julie Dore, Sheffield Council leader, said: “It’s wrong that in 2014 people’s standard of living and life chances is still mostly determined by where they’re born.

“Tackling the inequalities in Sheffield to make our city fair for everyone is something I’m deeply committed to.”