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Gareth Slater in Adelaide Lane, Kelham Island
Gareth Slater in Adelaide Lane, Kelham Island
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Residents are calling on road safety to be improved in a Sheffield suburb as the area becomes ‘more residential’.

Gareth Slater, aged 36, who lives on Adelaide Lane, Kelham Island, has submitted a petition to Sheffield Council calling for road safety improvements, claiming drivers are ignoring one-way signs in Burton Road.

He is pressing the authority for more to be done to improve roads in the area including Burton Road, Lancaster Street and Neepsend Lane, in terms of safety.

The petition handed to the council says: “As this becomes more and more a residential area, we are looking for the council to improve road safety.”

Mr Slater, of Adelaide Lane, Kelham Island, said: “There are loads of people driving the wrong way down Burton Road, but it is a problem that I don’t know how to fix.

“I think everybody is agreed something needs to be done.”

The campaigners point out there has already been one ‘major accident on the junction of Lancaster Street and Neepsend Lane’.

The petition says: “There has also been at least one accident and numerous near runs with traffic heading the wrong way down Burton Road.”

In January, 65-year-old cyclist John Straw was left with life-threatening head injuries in Neepsend Lane. He was found unconscious next to his bicycle, although it is not known whether he was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “Although we are aware an accident happened here, we do not have record of any others during the past five years.

“The council will investigate with a view to introducing any appropriate measures.”