Call to introduce London Underground-style railway ticket pricing structures in South Yorkshire

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New London Underground-style ticket pricing should be introduced for northern rail travel, a new report has claimed.

Transport consultancy Greengauge 21 has suggested zonal ticket pricing policies and smartcards to pay for journeys would be an improvement on the current ‘hodge-podge’ of prices.

The ‘Stepping Stones’ report said a new fares system could come into place from 2016, with its proposed timetable suggesting a regional smartcard system could be rolled out across the north from 2019.

The report said the zonal ticket system already operates across national boundaries in Denmark and Sweden.

It said: “The current fares system is a hodge-podge of different policies and approaches, which leads to considerable variation across the region and is not widely understood.

“The opportunity exists to develop a clearer fares structure by requiring Northern, TransPennine Express and East Midlands Trains to work together to create an integrated structure that could be applied to all journeys within the region and, over time, implemented using a smartcard approach as is the case in London.”