Call to fund app to find the perfect pint

Master Brewer, Alex Barlow of All Beer, based in Sheffield  Picture Dean Atkins
Master Brewer, Alex Barlow of All Beer, based in Sheffield Picture Dean Atkins
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A beer lover has spent years developing a database that forms the basis of new app that aims to perfectly match beer with food.

Alex Barlow, author of the acclaimed “All Beer” guidebook and qualified master brewer, developed a ‘beer evaluation template’ that features a host of factors including flavour, intensity and even ‘balance’.

Now he has launched a campaign on Kickstarter - a ‘crowdfunding’ website where he hopes to raise £12,000 of investment from members of the public.

He said: “Beer’s superior spectrum of flavours make it the ideal partner for food, yet it is rarely matched with food in its natural home – the pub, let alone for fine dining.

“Part of the problem is knowledge of what flavours you enjoy and which work with different types of food - and how to find the best beers for the occasion.

“With the UK, USA and international markets for craft beer booming, there’s a bewildering choice of fantastic beer to choose from, suiting a wider variety of tastes than ever.

“So people can be guided by the app to find something that suits their particular preferences, whatever the occasion.”

Supporters will get early access to the app before its general release, and can choose limited edition t-shirts, ‘ALL BEER experiences’ and other personal rewards.“

With more than £4,000 already committed, the campaign has caught the attention of the beer industry with support from Sheffield’s Abbeydale Brewery and Cornwall-based Sharps Brewery Ltd, famous for Doom Bar. The Kickstarter fundraiser ends on Friday.