Call for fresh look at controversial Sheffield bus changes

city centre buses
city centre buses
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A call for further consultation on planned bus changes in Sheffield are to be made at a council meeting.

Controversial chnages to bus services proposed by the Sheffield Bus Partnership sparked a massive outcry across the city, and were revised after 2,458 people took part in a consultation.

A decision on the amended plans - which includes the retention of the SL2 tram link bus in Stannington instead of scrapping it - is due to be made by transport chiefs on Tuesday September 1.

But on the following day, a motion before Sheffield Council from opposition councillors asks that the partnership reconsiders its planned changes and carry out further consultation.

Liberal Democrat councillors carried out their own surveys and say 3,500 people have taken part so far.

They want to highlight what they say was an inadequate partnership consultation and reiterate their stance although it is likely a decision will have been made by the time the motion is debated.

Coun Steve Ayris said: “‘No one in Sheffield is crying out for a revised bus service – this is purely a money saving exercise from the Sheffield Bus Partnership.

“Reduced services will lead to fewer passengers, which will lead to higher fares.’

The new proposals also include providing a peak direct service from Dore to the Hallamshire Hospital in Broomhill instead of rerouting the 70 completely as first planned.